Pharmacy technology is changing the future of healthcare. Pharmacy techs are earning more money than ever before, have more opportunities for advancement and earn higher pay than other healthcare employees. Pharmacy techs can also help pharmacies stay competitive by improving workflow efficiency and customer service. Pharmacy techs may be new to this field but don’t let that scare you away from pursuing your dream career as a pharmacist!

Pharmacy technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

Pharmacy techs are becoming more sophisticated, which means that pharmacists are using technology more. The result of this trend is improved patient care, efficiency and safety.

As a pharmacy technician, you’re likely using several different types of technologies in your workday. You may have access to computers with software that allows you to enter data into patient charts or other forms easily; handheld scanners that allow you to scan drugs into the system; tablets used by doctors and nurses at hospital admissions desks; mobile devices used by patients during their visits (they could be checking out samples or ordering refills).

what is pharmacy technology

Technology can support the practice of pharmacy more effectively.

Technology can support the practice of pharmacy more effectively.

  • Technology can help the pharmacy technician to work more efficiently. The technology that is available today enables technicians to do their jobs faster and more efficiently than they were able to do in the past, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.
  • Technology can help pharmacists improve their workflow, as well as how they communicate with each other and manage their team members’ schedules. This is especially important because it allows pharmacists who specialize in certain areas (such as immunizations) or subspecialties (for example, renal disease) within a community health system that have access through an electronic medical record system when communicating with other specialists who treat patients at different locations throughout different townships within their county

Technology can help pharmacies stay competitive.

Technology can help pharmacies stay competitive.

Pharmacies are facing a lot of challenges, including changing customer demands and the increased competition from online drugstores. But technology has a clear role to play in helping you stay relevant and profitable—and it’s an opportunity for your business to grow even more than before.

Technology is changing the way we think about medication errors.

Medication errors are a major problem in healthcare, with one study finding that up to 20 percent of all prescriptions may be given incorrectly. These mistakes can have serious consequences for patients and their health care providers alike.

Medicine errors are often caused by an interaction between human factors and technology—for example: a nurse who follows protocol but doesn’t pay attention to detail; or a pharmacy technician who makes a mistake while filling out patient records during an automated medication dispensing system (AMPS) audit.

Here’s how it works: An AMPS can go through thousands of transactions every day without ever stopping for human intervention, which means there’s no way for humans to catch mistakes before they’re made.

what is pharmacy technology

Pharmacy techs are earning more money than ever before.

In the field of pharmacy, there are a lot of jobs that pay well. The average salary for a pharmacy tech is $45,000 per year. That’s not bad! But the average salary for pharmacists is even higher—$97,000 a year! And if you’re looking to be an owner or manager of your own business? Well then…that’s where things get really good: The average owner/manager makes $87K and the highest paid pharmacist in America (who owns his own practice) makes over $200K annually!

With so many benefits and opportunities, pharmacy technology is an exciting field to consider

Pharmacy techs are in high demand and making more money than ever before.

With so many benefits and opportunities, pharmacy technology is an exciting field to consider for career growth. Pharmacy technicians work with patients to provide them with the best care possible. They can also help their employers streamline operations by managing patient records, distributing medications and dispensing prescriptions from a computerized system called an electronic health record (EHR).

As technology continues its impact on healthcare systems around the world—and as more people become aware of its benefits—pharmacy technicians will likely see greater demand for their services in coming years.

It’s clear that pharmacy technology is changing the way we think about medication errors, and it will continue to do so as new technologies are introduced. The opportunities this field offers are limitless, and we can only imagine what they will look like in four years time when our generation returns to college.